Groundwater: It’s the water we drink

We all rely on groundwater, and it depends on us to protect it. Learn more about it!

What is groundwater?

The Groundwater Foundation connects people, businesses, and communities through local groundwater education and action, making us all part of the solution for clean, sustainable groundwater.

About Groundwater

We all rely on groundwater in some way, so it’s essential that we understand this vital resource.

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Find tools, resources, ideas, and ready-to-go activities to bring to life the magic of groundwater.

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Groundwater Basics

Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. But of that water, just 1% is readily available for human use, and of that 1%, 99% of it is stored beneath our feet as groundwater. We all rely on groundwater in some way, so it’s essential that we understand this vital resource.

What is groundwater?

The Hydrologic Cycle

Protecting Groundwater


Since its inception in 1985, The Groundwater Foundation has offered a variety of programs and projects for youth, individuals, and communities to learn more about groundwater and how they can help protect it.

Awesome Aquifer

The Awesome Aquifer Kit was created by The Groundwater Foundation as a fun, hands-on way to “see” groundwater. The kit is great for use in classrooms, at community events, at festivals or fairs, or any other educational setting. Both youth and adults love the hands-on nature of the activities!

About the Kit

Water Well Wish

Our goal is to repair, replace or drill 100 water wells in remote communities within the next two years. Each water well represents a life-changing opportunity for the people and families it serves. With your support, we can achieve this ambitious yet essential target.

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Your tax-deductible donation supports The Groundwater Foundation’s work and connects you with widespread groundwater education and protection efforts, making you part of the solution for clean, sustainable groundwater.

  • Helps provide groundwater education tools and resources to educators of all types.

  • Puts learning tools like the Awesome Aquifer Kit and the Hydrogeology Challenge into classrooms and other educational settings.

  • Helps provide tools, resources, support, and recognition to teams working to educate people about groundwater and protect local drinking water supplies.

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